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Kovea 9209 Backpackers Stove

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Kovea 9209 Backpackers Stove

Kovea 9209 Backpackers Stove

Kovea 9209 Backpackers Stove

Ultra light and compact
Durable rustproof components
Adjustable flame control
Folding pan supports for ease of storage
Convenient carry case
Ideal for backpacking, camping and mountaineering
Gas canister NOT included, sold separately

Dimension : 81 x 50 x 92mm ( Inner Box )
Item Weight : 190g
Gas Consumption : 146g/h
Ignition : Manual

This appliance shall only be used with KOVEA butane-propane mixture vapour pressure-batane
Read the Instructions before using the appliance
Accessible parts may be hot. Keep young children away from the appliance
Only use in well ventilated areas

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