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Kovea 1608 Camp 1 Plus Stove

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Kovea 1608 Camp 1 Plus Stove

Kovea 1608 Camp 1 Plus Stove

Kovea 1608 Camp 1 Plus Stove

1. Flame is stable being strong against the wind, and reducing heat loss.
2. Easily disassembles for convenient washing and checking.
3. Piezoelectric ignitior folds under the stove.
4. Enhanced gas evaporation by flowing gas through copper pipe.
5. Used double hosiery yarn wire, and fluorinated rubber hose.

– This product is only compatible with Kovea Butane-Prophane Gas Canister.
– Enclose space such as car or tent is dangerous, so use this in open place.
– Keep away from children because the stove is extremely hot.
– Don’t put the gas hose or gas can itself near the stove.
– Don’t bend the hose, it may cause explosion or fire, followed by gas leakage.
– Use only for outdoors.

Product info:
Name: Camp 1 Plus KGB-1608
SIze: 129*129*96mm
Weight: 360g
Gas Usage: 140g/h
Ignition: Piezoelectric
Origin: Korea

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