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True Utility Sharkey

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True Utility Sharkey

True Utility Sharkey

True Utility Sharkey

This is the smallest and coolest of multi tools, and will eat up daily chores. You will never leave home without Sharkey, being so small you will never even notice it is there – until you need it.

The tool features a handy quick release carabiner clip, simply twist to lock or open.

Sharkey’s face is home to small, medium and large flat screwdrivers. The tail end of the tool features a medium Phillips, and the removable bit has a small and large Phillips.

The top of the tool features a flight safe, yet super sharp cutter, ideal for fishing lines and threads.

The nail cleaner tool doubles up as a box cutter. Sharkey also houses a bottle opener, a pry bar and file.

1Flight safe cutter
2Coarse file
3Elasticated ‘O’ Ring
4Bottle cap opener
5Nail cleaner / Box opener
6Small Phillips screwdriver
7Medium Phillips screwdriver
8Large Phillips screwdriver
9Large Flat Screwdriver
101/4″ Hex Driver
11Medium flat screwdriver
12Small flat screwdriver
13Quick release carabiner clip

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