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Skinners ODP 0422 Minimalist Sock Shoes XS black green

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Skinners ODP 0422 Minimalist Sock Shoes XS black green

Skinners ODP 0422 Minimalist Sock Shoes XS black green

Skinners ODP 0422 Minimalist Sock Shoes XS black green

Socks or shoes? Neither, yet both.
We combined the best from both worlds – the freedom of socks and the protection of shoes into one nifty entity. SKINNERS!

You may enjoy the variability of the SKINNERS footwear that can replace many other lightweight shoe styles like the barefoot shoes, lightweight runners’ shoes, finger or toe shoes, driving slippers, travel shoes, water and beach shoes, and much more.

The Main Reasons to Choose the SKINNERS:

UNMATCHED WALKING EXPERIENCE – they will support your feet’s natural position, give you enhanced stability and help you exercise by strengthening your feet while coming closer to the nature and feeling the round.

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – you can pack them in your backpack, suitcase or even a pocket and take them with you anywhere!

NON-SLIP & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – the 2 layers Swedish polymer molded and pressed together with the textile upper means that our sock shoes don’t include any glues or seems and that’s why they are virtually unbreakable. Additionally, the SKINNERS have a high level of abrasion, puncture, cut and water resistance together with perfect stability on both dry and wet surfaces.

TAILOR THEM TO YOUR NEEDS – you can wear them with or without socks and choose the color that matches your style.

And Don’t Forget!
SKINNERS are 100% machine washable, so you can just slip them in your washing machine, set a gentle cycle (30°C/86°F) and you’re good to go!

Material Composition: ANTIBACTERIAL TEXTILE UPPER + ANTI-ABRASIVE and ANTI-SLIP Swedish polymer sole

OUR AWARD WINNING ULTRA-PORTALBE & MULTI-PURPOSE MINIMALIST SHOES are the perfect alternative to all the skin shoes, barefoot shoes, running shoes, travel and driving footwear, finger & toe shoes, or even water shoes. The SKINNERS are the future of the active footgear !

REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN, ULTIMATE FREEDOM & COMFORT of this minimalistic pair of shoes offer you the unparalleled experience of feeling the ground under your feet and thanks to the anti-abrasive Swedish polymer keeping your feet comfy and protected at the same time.

BREATHABLE & FLEXIBLE FOR YOUR TRAVELLING COMFORT! The SKINNERS are ideal travel shoes for long car trips, hours spent at the airports or on planes as well as for many outdoor sports such as hiking, running, jogging and even beach or water activities. And, of course, you can wear them at your home or office.

DISCOVER THE ALL-SEASON FOOTGEAR FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Our minimalist shoes are available in a huge variety of colors and sizes that will make the perfect gift for both men & women. And the best part? They are 100% machine-washable so you can wear them all-year round.

OUR ORIGINAL LIGHTWEIGHT SHOES have received Reddot Design Award for the functional and visually appealing design. And, our Kickstarter campaign, as well as the positive reviews in Forbes & Verge have enabled us to continue our efforts and can make SKINNERS your favorite footwear too.

UK Shoes Size: 3.5 – 5.0

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