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Myparang Golok 120

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Myparang Golok 120

Myparang Golok 120

Myparang Golok 120

Light does not mean ineffective , in fact , a lighter tool does not tire you as much as a heavy tool . You can chop with it or carry it in your backpack all day long and you will not even even feel tired. We would call it a large – robust knife. Not meant for heavy chopping but worth its weight in the jungles.

The slim and long blade also makes it a suitable blade for cleaning game, especially with the belly and pointed tip. The thinner steel and steeper grind also performs better when cutting and slicing.

It is also adapted to suit those who are in search of a lighter Parang for:

Backpacking and hiking
General trail maintenance
Ladies or those who prefer something smaller and lighter
Skinning game
Matched with a slim sheath, the total weight is a miserable 480 grams / 17 oz .

While the Golok 115 may be slightly shorter and heavier, we are very confident that this MY Parang Golok 120 of ours will fare equally well. Always choose the best tool to suit your job.

Specifications for the MY Parang golok 120 are as below:

Blade length : 27.5 cm / 11 in
Handle length: 17 cm / 6.7 in
Overall length: 44.5 cm / 17.7 in
Widest blade: 4.0 cm / 1.7 in
Weight ( blade and handle ) : 390 grams / 11.3 oz
Sheath length: 34.5 cm / 13.5 in
Width: 6.5 cm / 2.5 in
Weight: 150 grams / 5.3 oz
Gross weight : 480 grams / 17 oz

These products are hand made, therefore there WILL be slight variations within the same model.

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