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Led Lenser ML4

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Led Lenser ML4

LED Lenser ML4

LED Lenser ML4

All lanterns of the series use Micro Prism Technology, which provides efficient, glare-free and focused illumination of the surroundings. Optionally available with red light.

Snap hook clasp for flexible use and fastening
Comfortable battery charging with Magnetic Charge System
Micro Prism Technology: state of the art lens technology for glare – free light and high energy efficiency
Red light function contains night vision capability
Luminescent elements for better location of the lamp in the dark
Dual Power Technology allows an extension of the usage period

Light Functions
Power – high light output for every situation
Mid Power – medium light output for every situation
Low Power – economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working
Boost – short-duration maximum power for more brightness
Blink – automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals

Special functions
Dual power technology – offers extended usage time thanks to AA batteries to back up the included rechargeable battery
Fluorescent Elements – to make it easier to find the light in the dark
Optional red light – for enhanced maintenance of night vision
Carabiner Snap hook – for flexible usage and fastening
Energy Management
Low Battery Warning – it warns you when the battery is low
Battery Indicator – it shows the current level of the battery
Charge Indicator – it shows the current charge status of the battery
Technical Details
LED Configuration 9x Power LED
Luminosity Max 300 lm -Min 5 lm
Battery Duration max 45h – min 2.5h
Water Resistance IP66 -Dustproof and protected against powerful water jets
Rechargeable Yes
Battery 1x Li-ion 14500 3.7V
Length (defocused) 97 mm
Weight 71 g

Micro Prism Technology, Power Bank Function, Smart Light Technology, Temperature Control System

Light Output Max [lm]

Light output Min [lm]

Run time Max [h]

Run Time Min [h]

Head Diameter [mm]

Length [mm]

Weight Incl. Batteries (g)

LED Type
Power LED

Battery Type


Waterproof Level

7 Years

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