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Flextail Tiny Repel green

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Flextail Tiny Repel green

Flextail Tiny Repel green

Flextail Tiny Repel green

FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL creates a 30-foot zone of protection against mosquitoes. Ideal for backpackers, campers, hunters, and other outdoors people. You can insert mats into both sides of the device, and also use only one side to insert mat based on your needs.
In order to cope with different environments and needs, TINY REPEL has two modes —Camp Mode and Outdoor Mode. To activate TINY REPEL, double press to enter the camp mode, and the indicator light turns green. Press again to enter the outdoor mode, and the indicator light turns red. Press the power button again to turn off TINY REPEL. Camp mode creates 10-foot zone protection for 10 hours, while outdoor mode creates 30-foot zone protection for 7 hours.

FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL Stepless dimming better meets different brightness needs. 400 lumens full brightness can continuously last up to 9 hours, if you do not need it that bright, dim it down to 50 lumens for 50 hours! The camping light can be used alone or with mosquito repellent.

IPX5 waterproof and durable material to survive a drop of 1.2 m height from the concrete floor.

FLEXTAIL TINY REPEL can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile device whenever you need a quick battery boost. Hang it on your backpack, carry it anywhere, and say bye to your “low battery anxiety”.

1.4 * 1.4 * 5.7 Inches

5.2 oz

Battery Capacity
4800 mAh

Outdoor Mode
165℃ for 7 Hours

Camping Mode
110℃ for 10 Hours

Lighting Brightness
50 – 400 Lumens

Lighting Duration
9 – 50 Hours

Charging power
5V2A (2.5 hours)

Waterproof rating





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