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Fire Maple Star X3 Fast Cooking System green

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Fire Maple Star X3 Fast Cooking System green

Fire Maple Star X3 Fast Cooking System green

Fire Maple Star X3 Fast Cooking System green

The X3 cooking system from FireMaple is a reliable option for single-person use. Its 0.8L capacity is efficient for cooking, while its push-button igniter ensures quick heating.

High Efficiency: Features advanced heat exchange technology that cuts boiling time by up to 30%, minimizing wind impact.
Compact & Lightweight: Includes stove, pot, pan support, and canister stand in a 0.8-liter pot, weighing only 21 oz. Not compatible with COLEMAN canisters.
Integrated Design: The 0.8-liter cooking pot and stove form a seamless unit with an easy-to-use built-in piezoelectric ignitor.
Safe & Durable: Made of sturdy, hard anodized aluminum with a locking stainless steel handle and insulating neoprene cover for safe, long-term use.

Fast Cooking for Solo
With 0.8L capacity and boiling water in 210s, the Fixed-Star X3 Personal Cooking System is the finest camping burner for solo traveller’s swift cooking, which is necessary for creating instant coffee, soup, or meals made.

The handle was improved in X2 system. For safe and secure purposes, the Locking Handle design was devised so that the handle locks in both the open and closed positions.

Ultra Compact
Gas canister, electric starter, pot support, and stabilizer, all the gadgets in the Cooking Sytsem can be stored inside for space saving.

Expedition Efficient
With its wind-proof design and reliable built-in piezo igniter, it’s born to be the ultimate cooking system for outdoor adventure.

Material: Anodized Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Silicone / Copper
Unfolded Size: 254x246mm, 10×9.7in
Folded Size: 133x185mm, 5.2×7.3in
Power: 7507BTU/h, 2.2kW, 158g/h
Weight: 600g / 21.2 oz / 1.3lbs
Boil Time: 1min 42sec per 0.5 liter



Fire Maple

Fire Maple
Fire Maple

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