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Fire Maple Feast 5 Cooking Pot Set

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Fire Maple Feast 5 Cooking Pot Set

Fire Maple Feast 5 Cooking Pot Set

Fire Maple Feast 5 Cooking Pot Set

The set will be useful in the kitchen cooking for more people, but it can also be used slightly “incomplete” for a smaller group. You don’t always have to take all of its parts.

The Fire Maple Feast 5 set includes three pots and one pan.

All dishes are made of durable and lightweight aluminum.

The material has been anodized and cured, thanks to which Fire-Maple dishes have become durable, easy to clean and have a look that pleases the eye.

Pots and pans have folding, self-locking handles.

The lock prevents this element from folding, and the plastic panel on each handle makes that hot pots can be removed from the burner without risk of burns from the hot handle. It is worth noting that the walls of the pots are embossed measuring spoons.

During transport, the vessel set folds into one another. The manufacturer attached a ladle, a spoon to the pan, 2 bowls and a sponge to clean the dishes. Feast 5 is one of the most complete sets for a tourist kitchen!

Well coated pot Easy to clean

Stackable to save storage space.

There is a feature that has a folding handle. When unfolded, it will automatically lock.
When to fold Just squeeze the lock and fold it up.

The handle is covered for heat protection.

The pot lid has a cooling hole. With foldable heat-resistant handles

1 set consists of 3 pots with lids in 3 sizes that are stackable.

1 pan

1 ladle

2 plastic cups

1 piece dishwashing sponge

Mesh bag for storage

Weight 1034 g

Large pot capacity 2.5 l, size Ø 188 x 118 mm.

Medium pot capacity 1.5 l, size Ø 168 x 98 mm.

Small pot: 0.9 l capacity, Ø 146 x 75 mm.

Frying pan capacity 0.9 l, size Ø 194 x 45 mm.

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