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Fire Maple Blade 2 Stove

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Fire Maple Blade 2 Stove

Fire Maple Blade 2 Stove

Fire Maple Blade 2 Stove

It also features a gas preheat tube to ensure an even and efficient jet flame. The folding titanium legs and pot rests can support pots up to 10″ in diameter. The Blade 2 attaches to a standard backpacking screw-top gas canister. Also compatible with the Fire-Maple LPG adapter to connect to Coleman style propane canisters. (Not Included) The included padded mesh bag provides ample protection for the stove while in your backpack or bag with your outdoor trail gear.


MATERIAL: Titanium Alloy / Stainless Steel / Aluminum / Copper

WEIGHT: 135g / 4.76 oz

SIZE: Unfolded 145 x 75mm / Folded 75 x 89mm

Blade 2 Titanium Stove
Protective Mesh Bag

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