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Biolite KettlePot

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Biolite KettlePot

Biolite KettlePot

Biolite KettlePot

BPA-Free High Temp Top
See what you’re cooking and pour when ready

Silicone Seal
Keeps liquids secure so you can pour without spilling a drop

Vertical Cook Touch Handles
Facilitate easy handling and pouring

Ultra-Thin Stainless Body
Lightweight and safer than anodized aluminum cookware

Heat Shield
Concentrate flames and block wind

Stainless steel design
1.5L Capacity
Weight: 16.4 oz / 465 grams
Dimension: 10.20 x 5.20″ (25.91 x 13.21 cm)

Stainless steel pot, kettle lid, stuff sack

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